Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where's Waldo?

Funny news - there was a recent profile in February's issue of San Francisco Magazine on SF interior designer Ken Fulk. Unfortunately you can't see all of the photos in the online version of the story, accessible here, but in the print copy there are some lovely pictures of his home and office building in SOMA, and if you squint your eyes and enlist the aid of a microscope, you can make out a couple of my paintings in there... he also has a painting by my super-awesome former studiomate from San Francisco, Michael Schoenig, and it also appears he has a painting by this great Finnish artist named Tiina Heiska, whose work is shown through Galerie Susan Nielsen in Paris. So... suffice it to say, I approve of Mr. Fulk's taste in art! Haha.

Anyway, if you're in the SF Bay Area, pick up a copy and take a look... it's the issue with Barack Obama on the cover (like every other magazine these days, I suppose).

Here's the painting that can be seen most clearly, 100 points for you if you can find it in the spread:

untitled, oil on canvas, 24"x24", done in 2003 by me, Diane Feissel.

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Sadie J. Valeri said...

Wow that is so cool! I'm going to buy a copy of the magazine :)