Saturday, November 22, 2008

Something new, every day.

It's true what they say, you really DO learn something new every day! Whether or not that thing you learn is of earth-shattering importance, however, is another matter.

John and I both had a mutual revelation of the earth-shattering variety this past week; we realized we have both misidentified the following dance as the "Mashed Potato" for years and years:

WRONG! That, of course, is the "Cabbage Patch," despite the fact it appears to have nothing to do with cabbages or their patches (or those freaky-looking dolls). I mean, come on! Doesn't that kind of look like what one does when one makes mashed potatoes? Kind of? And yet, this dance is the "Mashed Potato":

So what exactly does this spazzy movement have to do with mashed potatoes? Stomping grapes, maybe.

I'm wandering off to initiate a local chapter of the C.T.M.S.S.D.H.T.R.N. (Committee to Make Sure Stupid Dances Have the Right Names).

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