Thursday, October 23, 2008

And yet more tidbits from the San Francisco trip...

So I haven't yet mentioned a cool surprise from the trip to SF... one of the best parts - that is, aside from getting to see my old studiomates, getting to spend some quality time with Sadie and meeting Nowell, seeing my in-laws, catching up with Jennifer, and generally touching base with the ole Bay Area - was accidentally stumbling upon a thoroughly grade A+, awesome, new, little, excellent, fantastic fabric store. Whooo!!! I was planning to sniff around for some more fabric for future installments in the "fabrication" series while I was out on the West Coast... I just didn't expect that I would happen upon the exact perfect place just wandering from my studio over to meet a friend in the Mission. But that's exactly what happened: I was shuffling down 18th Street on Friday afternoon and happened upon Whiz Bang Fabrics, a physically small but amply and carefully stocked repository of awesome fabric product. They had EXACTLY the type of fabric I was looking for - interesting, vibrant prints, primarily 100% cotton. Plus the owner is really nice and her mother and her intern too (yes, I was there 3 different times in my short trip) so I highly recommend you pay them a visit if you are even remotely interested in fabrics and other fabric-related crafts and you plan to be in the SF Bay Area anytime soon. You will be overwhelmed by their awesomeness.

Fortunately, the fabrics I purchased also passed the stringent quality standards maintained by our cats (upheld via extensive sniff tests and vigorous rubbing). Behold:

Above: Libby tests the fabrics for chin supportability. Below: Emmy rubs her entire body against the stack of fabrics, ensuring maximum cat hair dispersion.
I love those guys. And my new fabric.

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