Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Je dis merci à Paris.

More Paris awesomeness via photos:

Here are some roses blooming up the courtyard in the building where I’m staying:

Another sampling of Metro-specific Paris awesomeness: poetry in the Metro. I thought this one was very sweet:

I was doing my laundry the other day at the lavomatique, and noticed this sign on the wall:

This is without a doubt the only place in France, I’m certain, where drinking wine is not permitted. Beware the perils of drinking and laundering! Certainly increases the chances of mixing whites and colors, no question.

Back on the home front, perhaps you may have heard that our car died? Alas, we now must do without our (not so) trusty Sally Sue the Civic, with us for a brief but fruitful 7 months. I may have found a replacement car here in Paris – perhaps this one?

Or perhaps this one?

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